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Yes. The big one.  Yes I can fit it in my pants.

Here’s the list of things I like about it:

  • The battery life is fantastic
  • Copy/paste works really well
  • The camera is pretty good (the app sucks, the hardware is good)
  • SMS => bluetooth integration is very, very helpful and makes me a safer driver

It’s not a long list.

Here’s the things that are bad about it:

  • IE Mobile
    • whatever the hell search engine that they’ve locked us into sucks.  Having to manually go to to search is just a waste of time in this day and age
    • sites think you’re running IE3 or something (quickbooks online,, ebay) and basically give you either no content or busted content
  • Oh you’d like to play music and do something else? That’s nice.
  • Apps SUCK and are typically many revisions old if they actually exist
  • The people/contacts app is painfully terrible
  • The dialer is horrible (think iPhone 3)
  • Delete an email on my gmail should DELETE not archive
  • “Push” email doesn’t
  • Random lockups where the screen is unresponsive (and no battery to pull)
  • Email app is very slow to download message content and attachments
  • … more stuff

All in all, it honestly isn’t terrible enough to make me need to spend the money to change to something else (Note 4) but it’s bad enough to not recommend it to anyone else.  The battery life is honestly the best thing about this phone and frankly would be enough to keep me if they’d undo the forced bing search and fix the background process model.


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