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There’s the reason you need a Github account.  There’s the reason you should contribute to open source.

We just expanded the company, adding 4 new developers. Every candidate that sent us code samples (either a website, a github profile, a zip file, etc.) immediately was reviewed with much more enthusiasm than those that just sent us a resume (and maybe a cover letter).

It finally clicked for me.  I’d not hire a designer without asking to see their portfolio.  Why would I hire a developer without seeing code from that developer?

So I put some code on GitHub.  Am I proud of it?  Not really.  Does it have anything to do with what I do these days?  Nope. But now, whenever someone tracks me down, they have code they can look at.  I need to add more code.  I feel angst now that I need to be producing something that someone else could use.  And that’s a good thing.


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This seems pretty obvious, but nearly every resume I looked at while hiring the last round of developers had technologies that the candidate either couldn’t answer a question about (“Man it’s been forever since I used Access 2000”) or didn’t want to work with (“Ya, I did JCL, but I don’t want to use it any more”).

Review your resume.  If it’s got stuff on there you don’t want to do any more, remove it.  Sure it’s keyword fodder for HR, but do you want them to flag your resume because you’ve got Prolog on there still?  It just wastes everyone’s time.

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