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First off, I still feel that SO’s rep system (ie. gamifying the internet) sucks and it is a barrier to my style of participation (let’s call it “drive by participation”).

That said, SO is obviously the number one programming site on the internet and the information contained on it (and other Overflow sites) is, typically, trustable and of very high quality — if I search for something and an overflow site is one of the results I tend to trust those results before other random [ie forums] results. ┬áNearly every day I see my developers relying on information on SO to save them time and effort.

You can’t argue with results, so obviously the formula works.

Since I don’t actively respond or ask questions on SO (most of the time when I’ve gone to ask a question, the simple act of typing out the question to the level where I’d get a reasonable response helps me solve my issue — SO is my rubber ducky) I do at least try and upvote answers and questions that have been helpful.